• Accofast Limited is a China manufacturer of hex standoffs, swage standoffs, shoulder screw, thumb screw, captive screw and other electronic hardwares.
  • Accofast Limited



1. Standoffs and Spacers (Hex and Round)

Male Female Standoffs

Internal Threaded Standoffs

Male Male Standoffs

Swage Standoffs

Knurled Standoffs

Clear Hole Spacers

2. Jack Screw

Hex Head Jack Screw

Hex Head Slotted Jack Screw

Round Jack Screw

Round Head Slotted Jack Screw

3. Shoulder Screw

Socket Head Shoulder Screw, Slotted Head Shoulder Screw

Knurled Head Slotted Shoulder Screw etc.

4. Captive Panel Screw

Dome Head Slotted Captive Screw, Pan Head Slotted Captive Screw

Knurled Head Slotted Captive Screw. Knurled Head Washer Face Captive Screw etc.

5. Thumb Screw and Nut

Washer Face Thumb Screw, Plan Thumb Screw, Push Type Thumb Screw, Plan Thumb Nut, Washer Face Thumb Nut

6. Customized Manufacturing and Engineering

In many Cases, you may be hard to find “ standard part” , so you need a special item or your own designed part. Accofast can work with you and make your own parts. Contact Us by Call or email. Our Sales will give you a quick response and better service!

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